Secward Technologies, Inc. was founded by a group of prominent information security experts with headquarters in the United States, with the goal to develop next-generation digital content security management solutions to help customers establish "defense in depth" protection of their intellectual property assets.


With over 10 years of information security industry experience, Secward provide customers with the most effective security solutions and information management policies, and assist customers in improving their competitiveness and efficiency while preserving the security, reliability and quantifiable effectiveness of their information systems.


As a value-added partner of Secward, we distribute its powerful encryption solutions in Hong Kong



Secward TotalFileGuard (TFG) protects you from the risks of losing or exposing data that matters most to your business. The solution encrypts your critical data at the kernel level using the fastest, most advanced encryption algorithm available today.


TotalFileGuard enforces application-based protection to ensure that your sensitive data remains secure at all times, regardless of who has access to your files. It also supports compliance and security policies by monitoring user actions on protected files.


TotalFileGuard offers:

• Automated, Transparent Encryption

• Straightforward Protection

• Enterprise-grade Security

• Simplified Deployment and Management

• Support for Over 300 Applications


Learn more about the brand and the products at its official website